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  • TEDxAmman



    TEDxAmman brings the spirit of TED conference to Amman the Capital under the theme of "City 2.0", a full-day of fascinating and inspiring talks by speakers from Jordan, the Middle East and the rest of the world. 

    The event comes as a result of the hard work and dedication from a team of Jordanian volunteers who have gathered their experiences from organizing three TEDx events in Jordan so far namely; TEDxDeadSea - April 2011, TEDxYouth@Amman - November 2011 and TEDxAmmanTeachers - March 2012 to present the best event yet to come; TEDxAmman 2012.
  • TEDxAmmanTeachers

    The third TEDx event organized was TEDxAmman Teachers which was held on March 31st 2012 under the theme  of  "Celebration of Teaching."

    This event was dedicated to teachers and to celebrating good teaching approaches; 14 teachers and performance gave talks on the future of Education in Jordan from their perspective. More than 600 attendees showed up for this event at Al Hussein Cultural Center.

    There was a question given from stage to all the attendees about their wish for the future of Jordanian teaching and learning. The answers can be found on the main TEDxAmman FB page and till this date the total views on YouTube for all TEDxAmman Teachers videos reached around 10,000 hits

  • TEDxYouth@Amman

    The second TEDx event organized in Jordan was TEDxYouth@Amman which took place on November 19th 2011 under the theme of "Educativity." On this event 25 speaker and performers (mainly from youth) talked about their perception of creativity in Education. Around 1200 attendees came to the Royal Cultural Palace at Al Hussein Sports City and participated in the many activities throughout a full day event.

    Between the breaks, the attendees were invited to stop at the game development lab in the Creativity Area to take part in a competition that was launched at the event. Everyone with a creative idea was encouraged to share it and help turn it into a nice online game as part of huge competition.

    The second stop for everyone at the Creativity Area was at the art gallery showcasing work by upcoming Jordanian artists, there was a section with new creations by young Jordanian inventors, and a shelf with all the publications of speakers, as well as, the latest books on creativity and education. And finally, the creativity area had a section that showcased the latest gadgets and technologies. The attendees, at all times,  enjoyed pictures of Jordanian youth taken as part of the "Inside Out Project" which was placed on walls all around the Creativity Area.
     Around 1200 people attended TEDxYouth@Amman, mainly youth (universities and schools). Till this date the total views on YouTube for all TEDxYouth@Amman videos reached around 53,000 hits

  • TEDxDeadSea



    The first TEDx event organized in Jordan was TEDxDeadSea.It took place on April 30th 2011 under the theme of "Education, Creativity and Entrepreneurship"  

    32 speakers and performers were selected to speak about their contribution in their fields of interest. Around 900 attendees came to the Kempinski DeadSea Hotel for a full day event that started from 10Am and ended at 10PM at night.

    TEDxDeadSea has now 3.500 followers on FB and 3000 on twitter. Alongside the talks, people enjoyed a session on how to make Japanese Tea in an authentic setting with a professional Jordanian expert.  

    Till this date the total views on YouTube for all TEDxDeadSea videos has reached around 50,000 hits.